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Sanity Check Webcomic Community
Recent Entries 
3rd-Dec-2007 01:05 pm - New Webcomic
Brenda and I have started a new webcomic project, Well of Shadows! Also, the archives of Sanity Check will be returning as soon as I can figure out how to streamline all the images up onto the site there. Woohoo!!
26th-Apr-2007 09:17 am - Saying Farewell
We are closing the Sanity Check doors. The last update will be the final one for the Sanity Check comic. Thank you for reading our comic and staying with us as we puttered through the years. :) We intended to go to an irregular update schedule, but ended up taking a long break instead. A break was very much enjoyed. We will always love the characters that we have created here, and are tickled beyond words with the things we have done with the comic over the years. Thanks for being there for with us.

Paul and Brenda
14th-Mar-2007 05:06 pm - Techno-Day
A rare apology, and even rarer shot of Hope wearing LIPSTICK!!

Techno-Day: All Apologies
4th-Mar-2007 05:47 pm - New Comic: Snow Days
Snow Days

Hope tends to say whatever is in her head at any given time...
1st-Mar-2007 05:40 pm - omfg an update!
Sometime, a comic springs into your head fully formed ...

Techno-Day: Oh yes...I can do this...
4th-Feb-2007 06:45 pm - Another Vanguard themed comic
Wanted: Dead...

A "tribute" to Brenda's "favorite" little gnome in Vanguard.
28th-Jan-2007 06:39 pm - Oh, Fickle Gods of Uptime
New Comic, and a new obsession of course :)
24th-Jan-2007 06:37 pm - Techno-Day: Obsession
New comic up. Also, there is now a discrete little paypal donation button at the bottom of the front page, by reader request.

Techno-Day: Obsession
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